The Error Engine (2004-) is a work of digital prose that is developing the capability to contribute to its own authorship, and, eventually, to evolve itself indefinitely. This experiment in self-generating narrative builds upon the form of my earlier work, The Jew's Daughter, a text that progressively weaves itself together by way of subtle transformations on a single virtual page. This is a writing, design and software development project, and it is being realized in collaboration with digital artist, Lori Talley, and Dr. Lutz Hamel, a computer scientist with expertise in machine-learning.

One of our current research directions is the development of alternative interfaces for the reader/responder to influence the text. We are in the process of creating an installation of the engine in which audience members and remote participants are asked to use their cell phones to send text messages that plant story seeds into the engine. In the future we are looking to establish a relationship with a company and/or institution developing micro-thin polymer e-paper to create a never-ending continuous page.