Other Spines: Hacking the Book
Instructor: Judd Morrissey (jmorrissey@artic.edu)
Tuesday 9-4

Course Description

This is a workshop designed to facilitate experiments in writing and technology, a forum for developing approaches to the composition of narrative or other text-based works within the tools and spaces of digital media. We will explore various forms of electronic writing including web-based, interactive poems and narratives; cut-up and procedural texts; programmatic, self-generating texts; and digital textual installations. In the absence of the page-turning mechanism of the physical book, we will examine other models for reading and navigating textual work, considering various interface possibilities such as the mouse, keyboard, voice, and movement of the body.

Works in progress will be presented for peer critique, and lab time will be set aside each week for tutorials and for participants to exchange technical approaches to working within the tools and languages examined. Significant computing experience is not required, but a willingness for self-driven experimentation is essential.